Water Damage Photo Gallery

Drying equipment in garage.

Local Water Cleanup Leaders in Indiana

Our SERVPRO of Indiana County team is the local leader in water damage cleanup and restoration in the Indiana, PA, area. Our crew is highly trained and experienced in residential and commercial water cleanup and restoration!

Drying equipment in basement.

Water Damage in Indiana Basement

A storm in Indiana resulted in water damage to the basement in this home. Luckily, the damage wasn't too severe and our crew could quickly mitigate the water damage!

SERVPRO truck and trailer responding to a large water loss

Did the recent rains leave your home or business with water damage?

SERVPRO of Indiana County will respond to your call for help.

We are always ready to help you when your property has water damage. We can handle any size loss and we will make it "Like it never even happened."

Water mitigation at its finest

SERVPRO of Indiana County knows how to dry your home or business after water has damaged it.  We are always prepared with the proper equipment to dry each space as needed. We are ready 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

Air Movers for Drying

SERVPRO has professional drying equipment for your water loss.  The air movers are used for drying quickly. This home suffered from water loss on the carpet.  They used air movers to dry under the carpet. 

Air Movers in Kitchen after Water Loss

This kitchen suffered from a water loss.  SERVPRO responded immediately to significant amounts of water in the floor.  They responded and extracted the water from the floor and used air movers for drying. 

Water Damage from Pipe Leak

This home suffered from significant amounts of water damage to the entire home.  There was a pipe bust in the wall causing water to damage drywall and all content in the home. 

Water Loss in Kitchen

This kitchen suffered from a water loss.  The water was behind the wall causing the plaster to bubble.  SERVPRO came in and dried the area and repaired the drywall in the kitchen. 

Kitchen Water Damage

This was the result of a broken water pipe in the ceiling. Water ran for about two days before anyone discovered it. In Many cases cabinetry can be salvage however in this case they needed to be replaced. SERVPRO was able to handle the mitigation and the repair work for the homeowner.

Drying Equipment Set Up

The drying equipment set up during the water loss restoration process in a home! The other day, our SERVPRO office received a call about a water loss in a home, we quickly responded and were able to get things back to normal!